There are 2 pricing options:
  • Cloud-based, where we (Pacific Software) run your competition on our cloud platform, monitor its operation, and include support.
  • In-house, where your organization purchases this software and you run it on your own platform. All source code included. Support is included during the first year and available for a fee after the first year.

Cloud Pricing

$2 per entry for all features. Minimum $500 per competition instance.

Since your competition is separate (and secured) from all other hosted competitions, we can customize this system. Enhancements are quoted as a fixed-price, based on $75/hour.

You may switch to a purchased license at any time. 

Software Purchase

Call for pricing details.

All source code and documentation included. Ongoing support is $50/hour. If you wish us to enhance the program, our programming fee is quoted at a fixed price based on $75/hour.