Special Pricing for 2020 & 2021

Most competitions are facing tough times due to Covid-19. To help you survive possible lower participation, our cloud per entry pricing will be discounted at 50% of the fees mentioned below for all competitions held in 2020 and 2021.

There are 2 pricing options:
  • Cloud-based, where we (Pacific Software) run your competition on our cloud platform, monitor its operation, and include support.
  • In-house, where your organization purchases this software and you run it on your own platform. All source code included. Support is included during the first year and available for a fee after the first year.

Cloud Pricing

$3 per entry for all features; $2 per entry if the Winery input feature (Submitting) is not needed. Minimum $500 per competition instance.

Since your competition is separate (and secured) from all other hosted competitions, we can customize this system. Enhancements are quoted as a fixed-price, based on $75/hour.

You may switch to a purchased license at any time. 

Software Purchase

One-time fee of $6 per entry based on last year’s competition. We will provide assistance with installation and configuration up to 20 hours at no charge.

All source code and documentation included. Ongoing support is $50/hour. If you wish us to enhance the program, our programming fee is quoted at a fixed price based on $75/hour.