This piece of the competition software is dedicated solely to the users that will be submitting their winery’s (or distributor/importer) entries into your competition. Our goal was to make the process quick and painless. 

We differ from Enofile’s approach to submission data entry. Our system assumes that most entrants will repeat many of their entries each year. Usually, only the vintage needs to be updated. Therefore, we provide an option for the winery to simply re-load last year’s entries, and the vintage is automatically incremented by one year. The user can then add/delete/edit entries as necessary.

Step through the screen shots below to get a feel for the submission process.

The Main Landing Page

It is important that the first page a user sees will confirm that they are at the right web site. We’ve also taken the opportunity here to let the user know what to expect.

Your competition is unique from all other competitions, when using our system. You can select the images to use and the text to display.